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Chatting and Actions
While you're in Public ChatRoom or Private Room you can communicate with other users via public chat message panel which looks like this:

To send a public message simply type it into the input field and press ENTER or click the CHAT button.
Your message will appear on the screen in a cloud. You can change its background color by clicking the first button in the public chat message panel (colored square).

The cloud also contains a miniature of a user's head and a nickname. To help relate the message to the author, message clouds and users are bond with a tiny string.

Public Chat History
Message clouds will move up automatically and eventually disapear. You can read the room's public chat history by clicking this button:

Avatar Actions
There are three actions available. Use the following scroll up menu to make your Avatar do Hi'5, Jump or Dance:

• NOTICE: Jumping and Dancing positively affects your Bio FUN status, but it also makes you tired.

The third button in the public chat message panel opens the Emoticons menu. Clicke desired smiley and it will appear above your Avatar's head. Most of the smileys will disappear after a while.
There are two Emoticons which will remain visible until you turn them off or use another smiley. These are 'Away from keyboard' note and 'Wanna play?' invitation.

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